How to save money on Advertising AND increase your effectiveness


Write ads that get a response

Don't waste your money on brand awareness ads. You want a response from your ad - a call, an email, a purchase. So, at the end,  you need a call to action that makes it easy for the reader to respond. This works for websites and leaflets too.


Measure how effective your ads are

If you don't measure the response to an advert, how can you tell if you're getting a return on your investment? When someone calls, ask where they heard about you; if they are enquiring by email, use different mailbox addresses so you can identify the source.


Don't throw good money after bad

If your ads aren't working, stop them. Just because you've always advertised is no reason to keep doing it. Why throw your money away? Test smarter ads with snappier headlines and see which gives the best result.


Plan your advertising spend

If someone calls to offer you cheap advertising space say no!! You need to plan any advertising campaign rigorously. Research to find the right publication to reach your target audience and understand the message that they will buy in to. Negotiate the best position for your price - right hand page top right is the most seen position; page 3 or 5 the most likely to be noticed.