Here's our top Marketing tips

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Marketing on a shoestring

When you want to raise your marketing game, some things are important to spend money on - other things you can get away with being a cheapskate. The two things you should never stint on are your corporate image - good design will make you look very professional - and printed materials - poor quality printing on cheap paper always devalues what you stand for. On the other hand, website builder systems have now become so good, you don't have to spend thousands of pounds to get a professional-looking website - only if you really want something really unique. (This website is built on the yola system) 


Understand your customers

Don't spend a penny on marketing materials until you've worked out how potential customers will prefer to find out about you and understand what messages they will buy in to. Without this vital research you're likely to waste a lot of money on a "vanity project". 


Integrated Marketing 

Make sure that your website and social media are effective in your marketing strategy, not just something you give a junior assistant to manage. Understand how they fit into your approach to customers. Your website must reinforce your credibility and give potential customers the confidence that you are good to do business with. Every post on social media must use the same "voice" as all your marketing communications, to reinforce your brand values.

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