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Marketing doesn't stand still. Everything I ever learnt formally studying marketing is pretty much obsolete now, so I'm continually keeping up to date with new developments. This blog is a mix of what I'm doing with clients and a digest of new directions and tactics in Marketing - with the occasional rant thrown in for good measure. I hope you find this useful. Di. 


Does your website measure up to Google's new algorithm?

April 17, 2015
The way we use the internet has changed massively in the last few years.

Everywhere you go, you see people engrossed in their smartphones or tablet while they're waiting for a train or bus, grabbing a quick coffee... checking their emails, facebook, twitter and websites.

Is your website mobile-friendly?
Google's new SEO algorithm is heavily focussed on how mobile-friendly your website is. All the time and money you've put into getting superb SEO rankings could be lost overnight when the new Algorithm comes into force on APRIL 21st, 2015

However, you can check if your website passes muster at the Google Developers website
This handy widget will let you check how your website will be seen by googlebots and identify any problems. The site also gives advice on how to fix those problems, depending on which CMS you use, and how to ensure you implement mobile SEO best practices.

How will it change the look of my website?
  • Is the text too small to read?
  • Is the content wider than the screen?
It may be useful to set columns on your website, which will show up one under the other on mobile devices, thus keeping the relevant information together. You can experiment with different layout options and check how they are viewed on all platforms - laptops, tablets and mobiles.

The important thing to keep in mind is that your website has to work for the humans who are reading it as well as the googlebots. 

11 Words you should never use in Sales and Marketing

January 24, 2013
This is a post from Jeff Haden. I won't call him a guru because he hates the word! Keep reading and you'll see what I mean

 Want to stand out from the pack? Stop sounding like the pack.

Samples are helpful. Demos are often effective. But what is the primary tool used to convince potential customers to buy?


Whether spoken or written, words make sales happen.

Or not.

Too many salespeople (and marketers and advertisers) use the same words to describe their products and services. Pretend I'm a p...

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Free Email Newsletter Service from MailChimp

January 5, 2011

That's right! MailChimp are so confident you'll love their Email Marketing service they offer a completely free service - you don't even have to give credit card details. You will be limited to 1,000 names on your mailing list and a maximum of 6,000 emails per month.  More details here

To be honest, when you're first setting up a list, this will be more than adequate while you get to grips with creating effective newsletters. I love the way they have loads of brilliant "how to" guides too. I...

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Carradice launch City Classics range to great acclaim

October 27, 2010

Carradice growth continues unabated. The original British bike bag company is now the brand of choice for all retro-loving cycle commuters.

The key trend identified at Cycle Show 2009 was the need for smart cyclist commuter bags. Their current range included several bags aimed at that sector, with the emphasis on functionality. So the last year was spent designing and road-testing prototypes. The finished result was launched at Cycle Show 2010 in October to fantastic acclaim. David and the tea...

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Design your website the way people will use it

December 14, 2009
People don't read websites - well, not when they first land on them.

They scan the page to see if it feels like it contains the information they're looking for.

And they scan the page in an "F"-shaped pattern - generally, two horizontal stripes and a left-hand vertical. Take a look at these examples from web-usability guru Jakob Neilsen's eyetracker studies:

Note: the hotter the colour, the more the viewers looked at that area.

So, what does this mean for your web page design?
  1. Hit the reader ...

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Google Adwords: Improve your campaign without losing what's working

December 7, 2009
The godfather of Google everything, Perry Marshall, sent me this vital information in his latest newsletter.

It tells you everything you need to know about improving your Adwords Campaign without taking a serious dip in performance during change-over:

After hundreds of Adwords account consultations, I've often seen that a guy can have an account that's a real mess, but it's still working, still profitable. Great improvements can and must be made, BUT must be done without screwing up what was...

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A short rant about "Solutions"

November 26, 2009
I offer Business Solutions

What does that tell you? Not much!

You're either: 
screaming at your screen - "just tell me what you actually do!!"
you've switched off and moved on...

and if you use the word "solutions" that's exactly how your reader is reacting


Scan all your copywriting - website, brochure, leaflets, everything

Be precise in your wording to make it easy for your reader understand how you can help them.

End of rant.

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Pay less per click

November 26, 2009
How much are you spending on Google Adwords?

Probably far too much for the business it brings in. There are 2 key steps to maximise your Return on Investment:

1 Improve your PPC Quality Score
2 Improve your "Clicks to Customer" Conversion Rate

The common factor in both these steps is the Landing Page your adword leads to.

Did you know your competitors could be paying less per click than you but still get a higher position on search pages?

That's down to Quality Score.

Google rates you on how releva...
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Why are press releases good for getting search traffic to your website?

October 29, 2009

To get a good search engine ranking you need to build links to your website. How can press releases help? 

 Press Releases are great for Search Engine optimisation. If you want to rank highly on the search engines for your industry you need to get good quality on topic web pages linking to your website. It used to be that any link pointing to your website would do, but now search engines look more at the quality. The press release is basically an article about your industry that you can make l...

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Survey Monkey is the business

October 29, 2009
Have you heard about Survey Monkey? It's a *free* survey build and manage website. Take a look.

As you'd expect, only very basic surveys are free, but it's a good way to get some initial feedback for a new product/service you're planning to offer or get customer satisfaction ratings for your business.

I put a mini survey together for this website - please take a look:

Click Here to take survey

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