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Marketing doesn't stand still. Everything I ever learnt formally studying marketing is pretty much obsolete now, so I'm continually keeping up to date with new developments. This blog is a mix of what I'm doing with clients and a digest of new directions and tactics in Marketing - with the occasional rant thrown in for good measure. I hope you find this useful. Di. 


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Free Email Newsletter Service from MailChimp

Posted by Di on Wednesday, January 5, 2011, In : Marketing Tools 

That's right! MailChimp are so confident you'll love their Email Marketing service they offer a completely free service - you don't even have to give credit card details. You will be limited to 1,000 names on your mailing list and a maximum of 6,000 emails per month.  More details here

To be honest, when you're first setting up a list, this will be more than adequate while you get to grips with creating effective newsletters. I love the way they have loads of brilliant "how to" guides too. I...

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Does your eNewsletter pass the spam test?

Posted by Di on Thursday, October 29, 2009, In : Marketing Tools 

When you email a newsletter, are you sure it actually gets seen by your recipients? Did you know that up to 46% of all permission-based emails are blocked by over-zealous ISP's spam filters.

So even when people subscribe to your newsletter - it may not even reach them. Most filters spot when the same message is being pushed to many of their customers, but also the language you use can have an adverse effect on whether your message is allowed or blocked.

I came across this website which will ...

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