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Design your website the way people will use it

Posted by Di on Monday, December 14, 2009 Under: Website Design
People don't read websites - well, not when they first land on them.

They scan the page to see if it feels like it contains the information they're looking for.

And they scan the page in an "F"-shaped pattern - generally, two horizontal stripes and a left-hand vertical. Take a look at these examples from web-usability guru Jakob Neilsen's eyetracker studies:

Note: the hotter the colour, the more the viewers looked at that area.

So, what does this mean for your web page design?
  1. Hit the reader with important information at the top left of your page - once you've grabbed their attention, they're more likely to hang around
  2. Use direct language - say exactly what you do. Anything cryptic or clever will be lost on people who are scanning for specific words
  3. Use sub-headings and bullet points to draw the eye down the page - if you have a second or third message to get across (ie different services you offer) make sure it's visible without scrolling
Read more of Jakob Nielsen's superb insights at his website

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