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Pay less per click

Posted by Di on Thursday, November 26, 2009 Under: Internet Marketing
How much are you spending on Google Adwords?

Probably far too much for the business it brings in. There are 2 key steps to maximise your Return on Investment:

1 Improve your PPC Quality Score
2 Improve your "Clicks to Customer" Conversion Rate

The common factor in both these steps is the Landing Page your adword leads to.

Did you know your competitors could be paying less per click than you but still get a higher position on search pages?

That's down to Quality Score.

Google rates you on how relevant your adwords ad and your landing page are to the searcher's query. This makes perfect sense to Google - they keep their searchers happy by presenting them with totally relevant ads, leading to relevant content. So make sure you work with Google:

1 Only bid on entirely relevant keywords
2 Include the keyword text in your ad
3 Take them to a landing page specific to the search
4 Make sure the landing page is strong on your keywords too

Now you can drive more traffic to your site for the same spend - and both you and Google have made sure it's the right traffic.

What's the point of increasing traffic if they don't become customers?

Every time someone clicks on your Adword, you're paying real money. What For?

You need to work on your
Conversion Rate turning Clicks into Customers.

Your landing page must:

1 Reinforce the message of your google ad
2 Inspire them to read more
3 Compel them to take action

Start with your headline. Tell them what they're going to read.

Give them the information they need to decide they want to buy (or call you, sign up for newsletter etc)
Guide them through the text with subheadings relevant to that section.

Make sure you include an invitation to the viewer to take action. Or several at strategic points of the page.

By leading your reader in this way, you can increase your conversion rate - and they will love you for it!

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