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Marketing doesn't stand still. Everything I ever learnt formally studying marketing is pretty much obsolete now, so I'm continually keeping up to date with new developments. This blog is a mix of what I'm doing with clients and a digest of new directions and tactics in Marketing - with the occasional rant thrown in for good measure. I hope you find this useful. Di. 


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11 Words you should never use in Sales and Marketing

Posted by Di Brooksbank on Thursday, January 24, 2013, In : Copywriting 
This is a post from Jeff Haden. I won't call him a guru because he hates the word! Keep reading and you'll see what I mean

 Want to stand out from the pack? Stop sounding like the pack.

Samples are helpful. Demos are often effective. But what is the primary tool used to convince potential customers to buy?


Whether spoken or written, words make sales happen.

Or not.

Too many salespeople (and marketers and advertisers) use the same words to describe their products and services. Pretend I'm a p...

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Google Adwords: Improve your campaign without losing what's working

Posted by Di on Monday, December 7, 2009, In : Internet Marketing 
The godfather of Google everything, Perry Marshall, sent me this vital information in his latest newsletter.

It tells you everything you need to know about improving your Adwords Campaign without taking a serious dip in performance during change-over:

After hundreds of Adwords account consultations, I've often seen that a guy can have an account that's a real mess, but it's still working, still profitable. Great improvements can and must be made, BUT must be done without screwing up what was...

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Pay less per click

Posted by Di on Thursday, November 26, 2009, In : Internet Marketing 
How much are you spending on Google Adwords?

Probably far too much for the business it brings in. There are 2 key steps to maximise your Return on Investment:

1 Improve your PPC Quality Score
2 Improve your "Clicks to Customer" Conversion Rate

The common factor in both these steps is the Landing Page your adword leads to.

Did you know your competitors could be paying less per click than you but still get a higher position on search pages?

That's down to Quality Score.

Google rates you on how releva...
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