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Why are press releases good for getting search traffic to your website?

Posted by Di on Thursday, October 29, 2009 Under: Internet Marketing

To get a good search engine ranking you need to build links to your website. How can press releases help? 

 Press Releases are great for Search Engine optimisation. If you want to rank highly on the search engines for your industry you need to get good quality on topic web pages linking to your website. It used to be that any link pointing to your website would do, but now search engines look more at the quality. The press release is basically an article about your industry that you can make link to your website. Most businesses find it hard to build links to their website as they do not have the time to write articles and content for other sites. However most businesses already write press releases and these are valuable tools to use on the web.

Where to post first
If you have a press release that needs to be put on the web I would recommend putting it on your website first and then distributing it via the press release sites. This way your own site becomes the source of the news in the search engines and you will not get penalised for cloning content.

This tip was brought to you by Mark Hammersely of FreePressReleases.co.uk one of the best UK based sites for building links through Press Releases. Highly recommended!

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